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10 tips on how to improve your space...

For those in the habit of watching cable TV programs featuring home makeovers where they transform cluttered or boring spaces into sleek and hip new rooms im sure you have at one point or another wondered if you could do the same for your own home. I have collected a couple of tips that may help us spruce up our own homes to get that makeover look.

1. Make sure our big items such as Bed, Sofa, Dining tables have very simple designs, this makes them flexible while allowing you to add and change accent small pieces of your choice.

2. Limit color to accent walls, accent pieces and flora and Select neutral colors for the walls & ceiling and to achieve a soothing look.

3. Make sure your accent pieces have a sense of unity but also reflect your own personality and style.

4. Organize your clutter by using drawers, organizers, and ledges. Declutter! DeClutter!! Declutter!!!

5. Be conscious of proportion, smaller spaces may need smaller furnitures to create the illusion of spaciousness.

6. Use Multi functional furnitures to maximize the use of space.

7. Proper use of lighting can do wonders to any space.

Ambient Lighting – Such as cove lights, Table & wall lamps provide soft inderect lighting that can warm up or set a cozy mood in any space.

Task Lighting – Desk lamps, undercabinet lamps etc. are focused on a specific areas to provide lighting for specific activities.

Accent Lighting – Spot lights, Wall washers, track lighting etc. focuses attention on niches, paintings, pictures, decorative wall and the like to highlighte areas of interest in your space.

8. Use a rug to draw attention to the area you want to highlight like the sofa.

9. Use mirrors, a well placed mirror that reflects light and view will make any small space look bigger.

10.Add flowers and set the bouquet in a well selected vase, this never fails to perk up any room.

Hope this helps guys…Goodluck ;)

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