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How much does it cost to build a house? (Construction cost - Philippines)

One of the first questions that anyone who thinks of having his home built is… “How much will it cost?"

For today’s entry, I've tried to gather information regarding this very important question that I'm sure is bugging the mind of every prospective home owner.

First place I looked was thru the data base of one of the largest and more credible international quantity surveyors, Langdon and Seah Philippines Inc.

According to their Construction Cost handbook for 2015:

(TOTAL SERVICES referred to in this table include: Electrical, Mechanical, Fire protection & Plumbing systems.)

I'd have to say though, I have colleagues who have a different take on the construction cost.

Low Cost houses estimated at 15-18 thousand per sqm

Mid-Cost estimated at 22-28 thousand per sqm, while

High-end houses at 35 thousand and above.

Of course, all of these are just rule of thumb estimates and will still depend on the condition of your site, type of structural design it will require and the type of finishes you will use.

Now, how do you use these basic estimates per square meter prices if you're still in the early stages of just crunching the numbers to see if you can afford having your house built.

A quick look at the classified gives us ballpark sizes of different types of homes:

Townhouse (2 bedroom) - 60sqm

Townhouse (3 bedroom) -180sqm

2 Bedroom House - 160sqm

3 Bedroom House - 200sqm

4 Bedroom House - 300sqm

Simply multiply these areas to the per square meter costs above to have a ballpark idea of how much it costs to build a house.... Goodluck guys;))

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