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How long does it take to build a house? (timeline for home building)

One item that is very important in planning to have your house built is the timeline. In as much as the timeline will vary based on your house's size, its design, location and the condition of its lot; let's work on an average 2-storey house in the Philippines just to give us some point of reference.

Usually, deciding to have your house built and finally turning it into reality takes quite a long process. There are several milestones that need to be accomplished, one after the other, to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Below is a list of what needs to be done and a general timeline for each (We start with the assumption that you already have a lot and the architect is already on-board):

1. Conceptual Stage - this is the stage where you and your architect will work out your requirements and he will come up with initial drawings showing how the house will look and how big each space will be (2-4 weeks)

2. Design Development - This is the stage where the architect will develop the design to detail the entire house. This is also the stage where he will share the approved conceptual drawings with the structural, electrical, sanitary engineers. All 4 disciplines will come up with a complete set of "For Permit" drawings to be submitted to the building officials for approval. (4 weeks)

3. Construction Drawings - While the permit drawings are being reviewed by the building officials, the architect shall continue to detail every nook and cranny of the project. This is to make sure every area is designed properly and coordinated with all the disciplines. A "For Construction" drawing set shall be furnished to the contractor after this stage. (4 weeks)

4. Construction - For a standard 2-storey house in the Philippines, this would usually take around 4-6 months

All in all, the process generally takes about 6.5-9 months.

We hope this has been helpful.

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